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Business Owner - KE Marketing
Founder of Royal House Organization

I was born and raised in a small town in Rustenburg. After matriculating I received my diploma in HR Management at Tshwane University of Technology in Soshanguve. After completing my course I then started to look for a job. To my surprise I though my certificate would speak for me,  but unfortunately everywhere I applied, they wanted experience which I didn’t have. I had to look for anything that came my way. Finally I got a Job in a bank (UBANK). I worked there for 3 years with no growth, no development just doing the same thing over and over again. In 2011 I decided to look for something else because I wanted more. I wanted a place where I can grow and develop myself to become a better person. A place where I would be acknowledged for my hard work. On my job search I then came across a company called GGF marketing where basically they were looking for sales agents but on their advertisement there was a promise for growth. I was attracted to the word “Growth”. That's really what made me apply. After getting a job at GGF I then realized that actually this is not a job but a lifetime opportunity. I was basically trained to become an entrepreneur. To talk , to walk and to think like one. I was trained on how to build a company from the scratch, meaning I basically had to learn to sell, understanding  how to work with people, how to manage people, administration and all the aspect of the business. The exciting thing was the company invested all its time and effort in developing me without an expectation of payments, I was trained without any experience in sales, marketing or management skill or qualification. In 2013 I was then given the opportunity to run my own company which is KE Marketing. Since then I have grown my company to become and organization
– Royal House – with 3 outside offices.

Kgomotso Mathuloe: Team
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